Who are we ?

French manufacturer of eco-designed packaging: tubes and eco-refills for cosmetic creams and pastes

Ets Bugnon Today

SME with 35 employees, located in the town of Publier in Haute Savoie on the shores of Lake Geneva, near Evian, 1 hour from Geneva.

Jean and Marc Bugnon are the 2 partners of the company.

- French manufacturing.

- Latest generation production equipment.

- Extruded tube from 10ml to 300ml, decorated in offset, serigraphy, hot stamping with a large choice of caps.

- Multilayer laminated tube from 40ml to 300ml, decorated in Digital CMYK, Flexography, Hot stamping, with a large choice of caps.

Fields of application

Our eco-designed solutions

Ets Bugnon today

Ets Bugnon can help you apply the AGEC law and its 3R decree, which imposes Reduction, Reuse and Recycling targets on companies marketing single-use plastic packaging.

In this context, Ets Bugnon offers a range of solutions to cosmetics, veterinary and pharmaceutical laboratories, food and chemical manufacturers, and all those who market single-use plastic packaging.


- Thinner-walled laminated and extruded tubes
- Lighter service caps
- Vegetable PE tubes (reduction of petro-sourced plastic)
- Tubes with cardboard or paper


- Eco-refills from 100 to 300ml, in cardboard or paper, recyclable in the PCC (Papier Carton Complexé) chain.
- Eco-refills from 100 to 300ml in plastic, recyclable in HDPE channels.


- Tubes made from recycled food-grade plastic
- Tubes in recycled non-food plastic
- Single-material tubes in 100%PE

All our plastic tubes are recyclable.

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Key Dates

Discover the evolution and growth of Ets Bugnon over the years.

Creation of SARL ETABLISSEMENTS BUGNON. Aluminium bicycle pump and other technical parts manufacturer.

First fabrication of the ALUMINIUM FLEXIBLE TUBE, with a 4 colours Offset printing.

First fabrication of the PLASTIC FLEXIBLE TUBE, with a 4 colours Offset printing.

Expend of the PE tube know-how with the aluminium top seal, hotstamping and variety of caps.

  • Decoration in complex 6-color offset and 6-color screen printing
  • The multi-layer laminated tube, the Eco-designed tubes to meet the regulatory requirements of the 3R decree of the AGEC law and the SUP directive.
  • Relocation from Lugrin to Publier, reduction of the weight of the tube and its cap, 8 color offset, 100% decoration option of the skirt with the rounding of the collar.

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