The EtsBugnon Eco-Recharge is a real innovation!

What is EtsBugnon Eco-Recharge ?

Inspired by our laminated tubes, the Eco-Recharge EtsBugnon is an original single-dose product with a flat PE base for stand-up presentation on point-of-sale shelves.

This packaging is used to fill a multi-purpose bottle, as an alternative to a berlingot or Doypack.

Packaging is carried out on a conventional filling machine.

The EtsBugnon Eco-Recharge is available in different materials:

– PAPER version, white finish: composed of Paper/PE-Evoh-PE, inner plastic layer only
– CARTON version, white or kraft finish: composed of PE/CARTON/PE-Evoh-PE, inner and outer plastic layers, central cardboard layer.
– PLASTIC version, white finish: composed of PE-Evoh-PE

For all versions: Digital printing, Flexography, Hot stamping.

EtsBugnon PAPER and CARDBOARD Eco-Refills are recyclable* through the PCC (Papier Carton Complexé) chain.
*Favourable technical opinions from CEREC n°340 and 341 dated 30/06/2023 (tests carried out on 200ml and 250ml capacities).

An EtsBugnon Eco-Recharge in PapierCartonComplexé capacity 250ml = 3.6g of plastic, i.e. 90% to 95% less plastic than a bottle of equivalent capacity.

EtsBugnon PLASTIC Eco-Recharge are recyclable in HDPE.
If you need excellent resistance to pressure and impact, we recommend this 100% plastic Eco-Recharge => see our demonstration video.

Technical information about Eco-Recharge EtsBugnon :

Focus on EtsBugnon EcoRecharge 250ml with comparative figures:

250ml packaging Plastic weight Paper/cardboard weight
Plastic pump bottle 40 to 70 g N/A
Extruded tube D50x180 mm with classic service cap 24 g N/A
Extruded tube D50x180 mm with lightened service cap 20 g N/A
Laminated tube D50x180 mm parison 0.30mm with lightened service cap 16 g N/A
White/Kraft cardboard tube D50x180 mm (PE outer and inner) with Lightweight service cap 10 g 6 g
EcoRefill EtsBugnon PE/Evoh/PE parison 0.30mm, flat PE shoulder 9,6 g N/A
PE* Berlingot 5,4 g N/A
EcoRefill EtsBugnon CARTON PE/Carton/PEevohPE, parison 0.33mm, 61% cardboard, flat PE shoulder 3,6 g 5,7 g
EcoRefill EtsBugnon PAPER Paper/PEevohPE, parison 0.32mm, 75% paper, flat PE shoulder 2,7 g 8,1 g

*Pump bottle and Berlingot PE purchased commercially.

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